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The Architectural Society of the CUHK Student Union facilitates communication between the faculty and students in the School of Architecture. Through representing students’ views to the School and conducting various leisure activities, the Architectural Society aims to maintain a healthy work-life balance among students and increase their affiliation to the School.

The 2019-20 Cabinet of the Architectural Society is “ZARC”. Their statement follows:

Derived from the Czech word “záře”, which means a blaze or flare, ZARC serves as a communication platform between the School of Architecture and its students. We are also dedicated to organising a variety of activities for our students, including sports and music competitions, welfare programmes, in addition to coordinating official events with the School.

Our mission is as simple as our Chinese name “”, which symbolises brightness and brilliance, yet the foundation of everything ZARC does is rooted in the wellness and happiness of all our architectural students.

Committee Members

The Architectural Society’s elected committee members are undergraduate university students from the BSSc in Architectural Studies programme at CUHK. The positions in the committee are: President, Internal and External Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Promotion Secretary, Sports Secretary, Marketing Secretary and Welfare Secretary. There are representatives from each College of the University as well.

Elected committee members, ZARC (2019-20):

President CHEUNG, Yi Yvonne
Internal Vice-President NG, Ying Tung Ruby
External Vice-President CHAN, Lincoln
Secretary LI, Yuen Ching Rani
Treasurer LEE, Ho Nam Leo
Promotion Secretaries KWOK, Cynthia Summer
LUI, Shing Hei Albert
XU, Han Ming
Sports Secretaries MA, Po Lun Charis
YEUNG, Tin Ho Michael
Marketing Secretaries CHAN, Ho Nam Carson
TSE, Yuen Wing Phoebe
Welfare Secretary HOON, Ling Yin

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