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The Architectural Society of the CUHK Student Union serves as a communication bridge in the School of Architecture. Through representing students’ views to the School and organising a wide variety of activities, Arc Soc aims to maintain a healthy work-life balance and a peaceful study environment at the School.

The 2017-18 cabinet of Arc Soc is “ARCADIA”, named after the utopian ancient Greek region celebrated for its peaceful wilderness with natural beauty and harmony.

Aiming to create a harmonious learning environment at the School, ARCADIA supports students through any challenges that may be encountered during the course of their architectural studies at CUHK.

Webpage of the Architectural Society, ARCADIA

Email: arcadiacuhkarc1718@gmail.com

Committee Members

The Architectural Society’s elected committee members are undergraduate university students from the BSSc in Architectural Studies programme at CUHK. The positions in the committee are: President, Internal and External Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Promotion Secretary, Marketing Secretary, Welfare Secretary and Sports Affairs Secretary, in addition to representatives of each College of the University.

Elected committee members, ARCADIA (2017-18):

President YIU, Pui Shan Janice
Internal Vice-President LEUNG, Tak Mei May
External Vice-President LO, Yuen Yan Danette
Secretary LO, Pik Ying Tammy
Treasurer HO, Chung Hei Alvin
Promotion Secretary WONG, Wai Faan Jimmy
Promotion Secretary and Marketing Secretary YIU, Tsz Wai Joyce
Sports Affairs Secretary and Welfare Secretary LEE, Yin Chris


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