School of Architecture, CUHK
ROSSINI, Francesco

Prof. ROSSINI, Francesco

Assistant Professor

PhD (BarcelonaTech UPC)
MPhil (BarcelonaTech UPC)
MArch (U Naples Federico II)

Rm. 302, Lee Shau Kee Architecture Building, CUHK

3943 6593


Francesco Rossini is an architect, urban designer and Assistant Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). He graduated with honors from University of Naples. In 2014 he completed his PhD (cum laude) at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC – Barcelona).

In his doctoral thesis, Dr. Rossini explored the role of public spaces in private developments in Hong Kong. During his studies at UPC he was awarded a grant by the Ministry of Education of the Government of Spain. In 2007 he obtained a grant issued by the Politecnico di Milano to study the urban peripheries of the city.

Francesco Rossini has participated in different research programmes, collaborating with the Department of Urban Planning at the University of Naples and the Department of Urbanism at UPC in Barcelona. In China he has collaborated with Tongji University in Shanghai at College of Architecture and Urban Design (CAUP), as a teaching and research assistant in the undergratuate course of Architecture and Urban Planning.

In addition to his research and teaching activities, he worked for the last 10 years as a registered Architect in Italy, as well as in Spain and China, realizing projects related to architecture and urban design.

In 2006 he received a special mention by the Union International of Architects (UIA) in the international competition “Celebration of Cities 2” for a regeneration project in Naples, which has been exhibited at the 10th Venice Biennale of Architecture. He is currently project director in Asia for the international practice 5+1AA. Since 2013, he collaborates with CUHK participating in different teaching programmes and research projects. This year he became coordinator of the MSc in Urban Design Programme.

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Research Interests

  • Public Space in High-density Cities
  • Placemaking Interventions and Bottom-up Processes
  • Urban informality and Upgrading Strategies



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Hong Kong, China

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Rossini, F. (2013). Hybrid spaces of Hong Kong. Planum, The Journal of Urbanism, n.27 vol2/2013. Atti della XVI Conferenza Nazionale SIU. Napoli 9-10 Maggio 2013

Research Projects

Early Career Scheme – University Grants Committee (2017)
Short-term Actions and Long-Term Interventions: A Public Space District Plan for Central and Sheung Wan.
Project code: 2191141 Amount Awarded: 648.500 HK$


Direct Grant Faculty of Social Science (2016)
Vertical density and informal city: the role of public space in the urban regeneration of Manila’s districts.
Project code: 4052114 Amount Awarded: 40.000 HK$

 Direct Grant Faculty of Social Science (2015)
SOS – Seating fOr Socializing, A temporary urban device to revitalize Hong Kong Public Spaces.
Project code: 4052076 Amount Awarded: 40.000 HK$

Advised Theses

PANG Kin Thai, Derek, “Expanding the Public Realm: An Infrastructure Project in Wan Chai,” 2016-17

HO Suet Ling, Jennifer, “City in Waiting: Prospective Public Space Design through Temporary Architecture,” 2016-17

CHAN Kwong Chun, John, “Re-activate the Abandoned: An Urban Cultural Park in Cha Kwo Ling,” 2016-17

WU Sze Man, Samantha, “A New Community and Cultural Centre in Tsuen Wan Old District,” 2015-16

YEUNG Yang, Judy, “Urban Catalysts: Develop a ‘Live long’ Resilient Community (Market Regeneration in Shek Kip Mei),” 2015-16

CHENG Man Hon, Matthew, “Classic Car Museum: Re-defining the Identity of To Kwa Wan,” 2015-16

YAU Chun Ting, Nick, “Walking in Sai Ying Pun,” 2015-16 (Urban Studies Capstone Project)

NG Si Ieong, “Barra e Manduco: A Reconnected Waterfront Where Work and Leisure Co-exist,” 2015-16 (Urban Studies Capstone Project)

Honours and Recognitions

(2013) First Prize
Management School and facilities
Jading District – Shanghai (RPC)

(2008) Special Mention
Redevelopment of Plaza de la Costitución
Municipality of El Carpio – Cordoba (ES)

(2008) Special Mention
A new proeject of Plaza de la Costitución
Municipality of Bailèn – Jaen (ES)

(2007) Third Prize
A linear park and new public spaces
Municipality of Montcada i Reixac – Barcelona (ES)

(2007) Third Prize
Redevelopment of Casal Velino Marina Waterfront
Municipality of Salerno (IT)

(2006) Second Prize
Project of S.Domenico’s square
Municipality of Casarano – Lecce (IT)

(2006) Special Mention
Celebration of cityes 2” UIA Berlin – IX Biennale of Venice
“Metropedonale” Urban regeneration proposal of pedestrian routes in Napoli

(2005) First Prize
Primiceri’s square
Municipality of Matino – Lecce (IT)

(2005) First Prize (Built)
Orologio and Terra square
Municipality of Alliste – Lecce (IT)

(2004) Second Prize
Project of Istria square
Municipality of Firenze (IT)

(2004) Second Prize
Project of the new Architectural college of Firenze.
Municipality of Firenze (IT)

(2003) First Prize
First national awards for young architects and engineers
New Public park and square – Pomigliano D’arco
Municipality of Napoli (IT)

(2001) Second Prize
Internacional Architectural awards for Student
Lecco City – A proyect of the Steel Museum
University of Milan

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