School of Architecture, CUHK
MO, Kar Him

Dr. MO, Kar Him (毛家謙)


MArch (CUHK)
BSSc (AS) (1st Hons) (CUHK)

Rm. 301, Lee Shau Kee Architecture Building, CUHK

3943 6193


Mo Kar Him received his BSSc (AS) (2008), MArch (2011) and PhD in Architecture (2017) from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His research interest in the production of space in contemporary society was at the heart of his MArch thesis “Architecture of Money”. He further explored this topic by focusing on the interplay of urban development with the operation, strategies and ideals of corporates and developers in his doctoral dissertation. Such fascination of space/money remains at the foreground of his research.

Prior to joining CUHK as Lecturer, Mo led a number of consultancy projects related to public policy, through which he developed his interest and expertise in sustainable development and policy-making.

Besides academic research, Mo has been actively involved in curatorial and arts events, with works exhibited at the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture (2010), Architecture is Art Festival (2011), ArtAlive@Park (2012) and Reveal-HKIA@Artistree (2013).

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Research Interests

  • Urban Design
  • Urban History
  • Urban Sustainability
  • Urban Health
  • Vernacular Architecture
  • Property Development
  • Community Engagement
  • Social Innovation
  • Wellbeing


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