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Simone Bossi: REVERIES

Date & Time


18:00 - 19:30



About the Lecture:

Introspection and freedom, fragments and unconsciousness, emptiness and fragility. Through the spatial experience and open exploration of the unclear borders of photographs, we immerse ourselves into the creative process of Simone Bossi, where architecture becomes a deeper, more intimate space on a more personal path. Showcasing selected work from the past few years taken around the globe, this lecture will invite participants to project their subjectivities in any voids or traces left by the images in order to compose unique personal spaces.

About the Speaker:

Simone Bossi is a photographer with an architectural background based in Paris and Milan. He studied architecture in Milan and Seville. After five years working as an architect in Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands, he decided to dedicate himself entirely to photography. As a self-taught photographer, he continually works on personal projects in addition to commissions, in both film and digital format. Through his indeterminate fragmented images, he tries to reveal feelings and atmospheres of the space produced after an introspective intimate process. His work is regularly published on major architecture websites and magazines. He travels and works for architects and editors all over the world.

The lecture will be conducted in English. All non-CUHK participants are required to register here

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