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Prof. Francesco Rossini wins HKIUD Urban Design Award 2019

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Prof. Francesco Rossini has received the Grand Award (Research Category) at the HKIUD Urban Design Awards 2019 from the Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design, for his research “What’s the Potential of 1㎥? A Temporary Placemaking Project in Hong Kong”.

The study combines quantitative and qualitative methods to understand the impact of Seating for Socializing (SOS), a low-cost, flexible and replicable creative project designed to revitalise open public spaces in Hong Kong which suffer from a lack of urban life. The results suggest that bottom-up approaches and tactical urban design interventions could be valuable means for promoting new social relations among citizens as well as rethinking the existing weaknesses of the city’s public spaces.

A related research paper has been published in the Journal of Urban Design.

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