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Prof. Francesco Rossini and Melody Yiu’s study receives INU Award for Urban Planning Literature

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The research article “Public Open Space in Private Developments in Hong Kong: New Spaces for Social Activities?” by Prof. Francesco Rossini and Lecturer Melody Yiu, which was published in Journal of Urbanism (Routledge), has received First Prize in the “Journal Article” category at the 7th edition of the INU Award for Urban Planning Literature (Premio INU Letteratura Urbanistics 2020).

Combining empirical research methods, this study examines 28 “Public Open Spaces in Private Development” (POSPD) in the Central Business district of Hong Kong, evaluating their spatial characteristics and understanding their potential contribution to the multilevel structure of this dense urban area. The results suggest that, although a large percentage of the POSPDs analysed are not providing a positive impact to the district, they hold significant potential which, with new strategies in place, could greatly enrich the pedestrian and social experience in Hong Kong’s dynamic and complex urban environment.

The annual INU Award for Urban Planning Literature aims at promoting urban planning and disseminating theoretical and research activities related to urban design, urbanism and territorial planning.

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