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Pierfrancesco Celada: Hong Kong Public Space: A Photographic Perspective

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About the Lecture:

The city of Hong Kong is known globally for its density, as well as its vertical and compact urban distribution. Fascinated by these attributes, Pierfrancesco Celada moved to the city in 2014. In this lecture, he will introduce some of the works he has produced in the past seven years, including “Where it never rains” (2018), “Mens sana in urbe sana” (2020) and “Instagrampier” (2016-2021). In his photographic practice,  Pierfrancesco often investigates the complex relationship between human beings and the urban environment we have at our disposition – an interaction that becomes quite challenging in cities where public space is scarce and privately owned public spaces are often designed for profit. Citizens can only strive to become resourceful unless the urban environment is re-imagined.

About the Speaker:

After completing a PhD in Biomechanics, Pierfrancesco Celada is now concentrating his attention on a series of personal long-term photographic projects documenting life in modern cities. He has recently won the Photo Folio Review, Les Rencontres d’Arles (2021), the Guernsey Photography Festival International Competition (2020), PHmuseum Photography Grant (runner-up, 2020), Happiness Onthemove Award (2017), EPEA’03 (2015), the Photolux Leica Award (2014) and the Ideastap and Magnum Photos Photographic Award (2010). His work has been published and exhibited internationally, including Fotografia Europea, Cortona ONTHEMOVE, Nobel Peace Center, Gulbenkian Foundation, Wyng Foundation and Deichtorhallen.

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