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PhD students’ papers achieve “Most Cited Articles” in Journal of Urban Climate

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PhD students Yingsheng Zheng (graduated in 2019), Meng Cai and Ran Wang conducted urban climate studies in Hong Kong and the Yangtze Delta region in the mainland to develop a globally applicable, open source and detailed urban climatic map. Their papers have recently been recognised as among “the most cited articles since 2017” published by Urban Climate, a leading international academic journal in the field, namely “GIS-based Mapping of Local Climate Zone in the High-density City of Hong Kong” by Zheng, “Investigating the Relationship Between Local Climate Zone and Land Surface Temperature Using an Improved WUDAPT Methodology – A Case Study of Yangtze River Delta, China” by Cai, and “Mapping the Local Climate Zones of Urban Areas by GIS-based and WUDAPT Methods: A Case Study of Hong Kong” by Wang.

Supervised by Prof Edward Ng and Prof Chao Ren, these three studies selected Hong Kong and the Yangtze Delta region, which are complex and with high-density urban morphology, as case studies that can be referenced by urban climatic researchers worldwide and help complete related research methodologies. They analysed open source satellite remote sensing images and classified land use and building forms to advance the development of a globally applicable, open source and detailed urban climatic map. The research findings of these articles can enhance the accuracy and efficiency of urban morphological data acquisition, which allows researchers, architects and urban planners to understand the relationship between climate and urban environment, benefiting the planning of future healthy cities, public health policies and climate change adaptions in the long run.

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