School of Architecture, CUHK

The NSBAE Workshop on Design Pedagogy 2017

Date & Time

16.07.2017 30.07.2017


AIT Building, CUHK

Co-organised by the National Supervision Board of Architectural Education (China) and the School of Architecture, CUHK, the NSBAE Workshop on Design Pedagogy is an intensive design exploration of space and tectonics targeting young architectural educators in China.

The Workshop has been conceived and taught by experienced professors led by Prof Gu Daqing, whose architectural pedagogy informs the Foundation Studio of our undergraduate programme at CUHK. Featuring a series of lectures on design theory and methodology, architectural education and pedagogy, as well as tours of modern and contemporary architecture in Hong Kong, the two-week programme ends with an exhibition of the resulting design works, alongside a seminar that encourages further exchange among the participants.

Launched in 2011, the annual NSBAE Workshop on Design Pedagogy has trained around 300 educators from 50 architectural schools in China. This year, 68 educators and professionals from 25 universities and design firms have enrolled in the Workshop.

Highlights of the Workshop:

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