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Miho Mazereeuw: In the Perspective of Building Resilience

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About the Lecture:

This presentation will share a selection of work and methods developed at the Urban Risk Lab at MIT. The Lab develops methods, prototypes and technologies to embed risk reduction and preparedness into the design of cities and regions to raise the resilience of local communities. Operating at the intersection of ecology and infrastructure, rural and urban, research and action; the Urban Risk Lab is an interdisciplinary organisation of researchers and designers. With a global network of partners, the Lab is a place to innovate on techniques, processes and systems to address the complexities of seismic, climatic and hydrologic risks. We engage in action research through extensive field work and community workshops to focus on the needs of diverse cultures and contexts. We aspire to change the course of current global development trends through a radical shift in education and action to proactively embed preparedness and risk reduction in this rapidly urbanizing world.

About the Speaker:

Miho Mazereeuw is an Associate Professor of architecture and urbanism at the School of Architecture and Planning at MIT, and the director of the Urban Risk Lab at MIT. Her research focuses on preparing communities and designing cities to prepare for disasters such as earthquakes, flooding, and hurricanes. Mazereeuw taught at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University, the University of Toronto and worked at OMA prior to joining the faculty at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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