School of Architecture, CUHK

Liveability by Design Studio Exhibition

Date & Time

18.09.2017 29.09.2017


Central Government Offices, Tamar

This initiative by the Development Bureau, Hong Kong SAR Government, aims to provide a platform for knowledge exchange on design and policy between the academia and government officials. The student works on display have been selected from six architectural schools in Hong Kong and Australia, including 10 MArch theses and MArch design studio projects from our School of Architecture at CUHK, all striving to create a more liveable and sustainable built environment:

  1. CHU Cheong Kei, Kyle (MArch 2): “Relocation and Regeneration of Chi Kee Sawmill and Timber”
  2. IP Yi Lok, Ivy (MArch 2017): “An Immediate and Mobile Theatre: Experiment as Part of the Establishment”
  3. LAM Kin Kwan, Kenji (MArch 2017): “The LABRARY: Imagining the Future of Library for Civic Innovation”
  4. LAM Wai Han, Winnie (MArch 2): “To Kwa Wan: Re-envisioning the City”
  5. LEONG On U, Derrick (MArch 2): “The Functioning Hub: A Productive Infrastructure for the Public”
  6. LEUNG Ka Ki, Kaka (MArch 2017): “From Bond to Living Fabric: Regenerating Density Dwelling for New Territories”
  7. NG Sin Ting, Cindy (MArch 2017): “Typhoon Shelter Experimentarium: Reclaiming Contemporary Water Life in Hong Kong”
  8. WONG Hoi Yi, Kitty (MArch 2017): “Preserving for Diversity: Towards an Heterogeneous, Inclusive and Sustainable Goldfish Market”
  9. WONG Yee Man, Ophenia (MArch 2017): “Salted Fish: Reformulate the Value of Preserving”
  10. YEUNG Ho Yin, Gary (MArch 2017): “Re-development of Past Vision: Mega Waste Ville – City for 10 Million Inhabitants”

The other participating institutions are the University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong, Chu Hai College of Higher Education, Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong, and the University of Western Australia.

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