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Imperfect Modes of Production

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David Umemoto is an artist who works at the junction between sculpture and architecture. He holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Laval University (Quebec). After 15 years in practice, he decided to quit architecture and move to Indonesia, where he collaborated with traditional artisans and learned to appreciate the value of manual craftsmanship. Since his return to Quebec in 2011, he has experimented with various applied arts (jewelry, tessellation art and print making), and returned to his roots in architecture, focusing on the creation of concrete sculptures, miniature architectural pieces that evoke Brutalist structures. David Umemoto‚Äôs work embraces the simplicity of the material and the economy of the means. Pragmatic and poetic, his structures bring various scenarios to mind: from primordial dwellings to buildings of a utopian future.

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