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Alumnus Gary Ng wins HKIA Young Architect Award 2016

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CUHK architecture alumnus Gary Ng Ka-kin (BSSc 2006, MArch 2009) has won the HKIA Young Architect Award 2016 with his design proposal “The Living Art: Museums as Generator of Local Art Community Ecology”.

Responding to the theme of “Hong Kong (New) Art Museum”, Ng explored an alternative approach to “art museum” by introducing smaller-scale interventions for a bigger and more sustainable social impact, with the vision to organically evolve a local art community by carefully planned architectural design. Set in Tai Wai Village, Ng’s proposal was to convert existing village buildings into various cultural venues, which not only promote art creation, but also enhance learning and sharing, spatial experience, active participation, and the quality of life.

Organised by the Hong Kong Institute of Architects, the HKIA Young Architect Award idea competition aims to acknowledge and honour the talents and contributions of young architects in Hong Kong. CUHK alumni have been back-to-back winners as our alumna and adjunct assistant professor Sarah Mui Sze-wah (BSSc 2006, MArch UCL 2009) received the HKIA Young Architect Award 2015.

Visit HKIA’s website for more information.

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