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Aura Luz Melis: Unforeseen Architecture

Date & Time

05.11.2021 05.11.2021

About the Lecture:

We are in need of a resilient architecture that allows changes and requirements over time. Generous spaces with good proportions; where the relation between construction and space is visible and preferably naked. Rooms, both inside or outside, that enable multiple transformations in the future rather than focusing too much on the program that will inhabit these spaces in the present.

How can we leave things untouched, how can we reveal the unforeseen, how can we embrace the unexpected and unintended?

Just imagine a city perspective where that’s the case; where there is a huge freedom to fill it in as the context at a particular moment demands. Leaving space for the users to fill them in as desired, leaving space for un-programmed unfixed variables.

About the Speaker:

Aura Luz Melis is a partner and architect at the Amsterdam-based office Inside Outside. She studied architecture at the Technical University of Delft and The Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism in Sao Paulo. Her interdisciplinary approach pushes against prescriptive functionalism and encourages spaces that can be appropriated differently by users and inhabitants throughout time. She has recently designed the ‘After Nature’ Exhibition of the Humboldt University in Berlin, the auditorium curtains in San Diego’s Mingei Museum and the interior concept and large-scale, woven textile walls for the award-winning LocHal library in Tilburg. Besides teaching at several academies, she has published in journals such as OASE #101 and the ‘Blauwe Kamer’, and is on the board of the Dutch architectural platform Archined.

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