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Mentorship Programme 2021-22

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The CUAAA and the School of Architecture are co-organizing a new mentorship program to connect students with practicing alumni.

What is this?

The Mentorship Program aims to:

  • Connect Alumni with Students
  • Bridge the School and the Profession
  • Offer Academic / Professional advice to Mentees.
  • Offer Career building perspective to Mentees
  • Strengthen the network of CUHK Architecture community in the industry

Who is the target? 

We would like to invite students from graduating year MArch 2 and Year 4 to join our pioneer fleet in the coming academic year.

Who are the Mentors? 

All Mentors are alumni with at least 5 years of post MArch working experience.  We have received overwhelming responses from our alumni to serve as mentors.  While some of you may not have a clear picture on your future path or what type of mentor you are looking for, here is a brief elaboration to help on your decision.

The Mentors come from diverse backgrounds. They can be generally categorized by their work focus:

  1. Architects working in Architectural Consultant firms of different scale or Site Office –

The conventional type Architect, who gets his/her feet wet at the design, project management, coordination work with other consultants, monitoring construction, ensuring compliance of regulations, etc.

  1. Architects working in Public Sector eg. at Buildings Department, Housing Department, Architectural Services Department, Hospital Authority, etc. –

Coming from the background of being an architect, this group of alumni contributes in building public projects for the community.  Some may be involved in building control and it’s administration.

  1. Architects as Project Managers on client side –

Architects who have moved to the developer side. They give inputs to the end products, manage the consultants team and the day-to-day procurement of the project to meet target and budget.

  1. Architects as Lecturer / Professor teaching at Institutions

Have a look at the teachers in your studio, but these mentors are alumni, and teaching in other design schools.

  1. Architects working in Non-Government Organisations (NGOs)

Architects who are inspired to serve the community with their professional background, such as focusing on elderly welfare, children development, and art programs.

The Mentors can also be generally grouped by the no. of years of experience after graduation:

  1. More than 20 years –

This group of Mentors has the most extensive network and connection within and beyond the profession, they are the deepest well of insight on building career. They are more seasoned, and have walked through different stages in the industry.

  1. 10 to 20 years –

This group of Mentors can walk you through on your path finding in the profession. They are mellow yet still looking for windows of opportunities.

  1. 5 to 10 years –

This group of Mentors has the clearest remembrance of their preparation for HKIA professional assessment. They can offer fresh insights in tackling the exam and job market. They are the most supple group.

How to Join?

We have prepared a Student Participation Form for you to complete.

The ideal mentorship group is composed of 1 mentor and 2 mentees.  Students are encouraged to pair up in groups of 2, and complete one Participation Form together, you have to provide information of both students by completing “student 1” and “student 2” sessions, and provide a consolidated response on choices. You can also choose to join as an individual, in which you will complete only “student 1” sessions of the Participation Form.

Please help us know you better: your educational background, your work experience, your expectations with the mentorship program, and your preferences on mentor. We appreciate that you put down as much detail as possible for the best matching. We will do our best with the information you provide us with, though not guarantee, to match you up with the most ideal mentor in our pool. 

How does it work? 

There are many factors to a successful mentorship:

  • active participation from Mentors and Mentees
  • effective communications by all means
  • strong sense of trust and mutual respect

The mentorship program is targeted to run annually. Mentors and Mentees are suggested to meet at least once every quarter in the coming academic year, i.e. 4 times a year. We strongly encourage you to stay in touch with your Mentors upon your graduation from the School.

What shall you do now?

  1. Complete the Student Participation Form (Google form) by 13 August, 2021 Friday
  2. Stay tuned to the Alumni Forum!  Where alumni from different architectural related fields, will share their passion and vision on the professions.
  3. Mark your calendar!  4 September 2021 (Saturday) at 2:30pm is the Home-Coming event organised by the School for the 30th Anniversary Celebration. It will be the first opportunity to meet face to face with your mentors.
  4. If you have any enquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact

We wish to hear back from each and every one of you, and that you will all take part in the Mentorship Program as Mentee for now, and as Mentor in the future!

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