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Conversations with Alumni 2021-22 – Monologue, Dialogue, Multilogue

Date & Time

21.10.2021 07.04.2022

12 Stories of the Past, the Present and Dreams of the Future – please join this series of “Conversation”, where our alumni from different architectural related fields share their passion and vision on the professions!

Moderators: Phiyona Auyeung / Chang Hoi Woo

The First Story: “Community + Commerciality” by Vivien Mak and Terence Wong (21 Oct 2021, 6 pm)

The Second Story: “Making + Capturing” by Lucia Cheung and William Shum (11 Nov 2021, 6 pm)

The Third Story: “Creativity + Technicality” by Ida Sze, Billy Chan and Vitus Man (20 Jan 2022, 6 pm)

The Fourth Story: “Diversity + Speciality” by Ivy Lee and Ben Yeung (17 Feb 2022, 6 pm)

The Fifth Story: “Dream + Reality” by Rina Ko and Tat Lam (3 Mar 2022, 6 pm)

The Sixth Story: “Conversation + Development” by May Ho and Tina Yuen (7 April 2022, 6 pm)

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